How To Make Goats Milk Soap Tutorial

Today I made some Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap. My basic recipe is 45%
soft oils, 40% hard oils, and 15% butters, with a 4% superfat because the
goat’s milk also adds fats. The amount of milk is about twice the amount of
lye. This method is not for beginners, but you can use an online soap
calculator such as SoapCalc to figure out a recipe with the ingredients that
you have or like. I added some pulverized rolled oats (do not use quick
oats!), some local honey, and some Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance oil.


Making soap with goat’s milk is a little bit different than using water.
The lye heats up whatever liquid you add it to, so there are several things
you need to do to prevent the goat’s milk from being scorched by the lye.


The first thing I do is melt all the oils the night before so that they
are cooled to room temperature.
Another thing I do is freeze all the goat’s milk in ice cube trays.


When the lye is added to the frozen milk, it will melt it. You have to be
sure to stir it really well to get the lye completely dissolved. I had to
scrape down the sides of the bowl too. This is a great time to have your
goggles, rubber gloves and apron on!


As soon as all the milk is melted, the temperature of the lye solution is
still only 65&70 degrees. I add it to the oils and use my stick blender to
mix them. When the mixture starts to thicken, I add the oats, honey, and
fragrance and mix some more. I like to pour my soap when it is still pretty
thin — about like pancake batter.


Once it is in the mold, I cover the top with plastic wrap and tape it
down. The soap will still try to heat up after itÂ’s in the mold, so I put it
up on blocks and turn on the fan.


Some soapmakers will put the soap in the refrigerator or freezer at this
point. My mold won’t fit in either, so this works for me. I will cut this
soap into bars in a couple of days after it has a chance to set up and isn’t
too sticky.


Author: Amy Warden


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