Six Color Pop Mica Swirl Tutorial


KBshimmer soap swirl1

WARNING: I know this works with my recipe, and this scent. Each formula
is different, as is scent, so try this at your own risk.

For this, set up is the most important. I have all my containers for colors
set up ahead of time. Approx 1 tsp of mica is in each cup. I have my oils
melted, my lye cool, and my mold all ready. My Fragrance is already mixed
into my oils.

For this soap, I have used the pop micas from TKB Trading. My base is

I then mix my lye into my oils. I mix until everything is
just emulsified. I do move quickly, and start separating just after
emulsified. Maybe the lightest trace. If you are not confident with your
fragrance, or recipe, I can not guarantee you will not experience

KBshimmer soap swirl2

KBshimmer soap swirl3

I quickly pour off my base color into each of the cups
with the waiting mica.

KBshimmer soap swirl4

KBshimmer soap swirl5

I stick blend each color to combine. Yellow then orange.
Then rinse. Then the pink. Rinse. Etc. After mixing, I am still at a light
to medium trace.

KBshimmer soap swirl6

I then get ready for the In-The-Pot Swirl. For 6 colors, I
will pour each color around the bucket, clockwise in rainbow order. If using
similar colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows, have each color next to a
contrasting one so the colors don’t blend. Here I start with the pink,
pouring from about -8 inches above the top of the bucket so that the color
sinks all the way to the bottom. At this point, I pour about two thirds in
the pot, setting the rest aside.

KBshimmer soap swirl7

Here you can see the pink, orange, yellow, and green. I am
pouring the blue:

KBshimmer soap swirl8

After pouring the purple (between the blue and red), I
then go back and pour about half of what is left of each color in the

KBshimmer soap swirl9

To get the colors to actually swirl, you will need to stir
the pot. Taking my spatula, I put it in the pot near the red, and go around
the pot clockwise 1-2 times. The more you stir, the finer the swirls will
be. Too much swirling and you risk mixing the colors too much, getting grey.

KBshimmer soap swirl10

Next, you will pour into the mold. Try to pour from one
end of the mold to the other, you will probably need to do more then one
pass, but again, if you pour in too many passes, you risk overmixing:

KBshimmer soap swirl11

After pouring:

KBshimmer soap swirl12

You can leave the soap at this point, but I like to swirl
on the top too. So, sow, I take the rest of the soap we saved from the swirl
colors and pour on the top. By now, you are probably at a thicker trace with
the left over soap, so you may have to spoon it on, or if you can, pour on
the top from 3-4 inches away, so the color does not sink down and ruin the
swirls below. Here I start with the pink:

KBshimmer soap swirl13

And continue with other colors:

KBshimmer soap swirl14

KBshimmer soap swirl15

When done with the pouring, before swirling, it will look like this:

KBshimmer soap swirl16

I like to use a thin wooden stick with pointed end to
swirl the top. Here you can do lines, circles, what ever your style is:

KBshimmer soap swirl17

And when done:

KBshimmer soap swirl18

KBshimmer soap swirl19

Here is the last batch I did to compare. I think the top
is more swirly on this batch, and the pink brighter, and I will have to wait
until tomorrow to see the inside. But here is a sneak preview of what this
method did last time.

KBshimmer soap swirl20

KBshimmer soap swirl21

Author: Christy Rose


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