Soaps raw material-coconut oil

In the cold system of law to do Handmade Soap, need to refer to the detailed composition of coconut oil, I put this coconut oil product analysis report lists, reference to the MM:
Product analysis:
Color (5.25 “) the slot AOCSCc-13b-45 R0.8 Y6 Wastes
Acid Value (mgKOH / g) AV AOCSCa5a -40 0.061
Peroxide value (meq / kg) AOCSCd8-53 0.19
Iodine value (gI/100g) AOCSCd1-25 9.69
Slip melting point (`C) SMP AOCSCc-25 24.8
Moisture and impurities (%) M + I AOCSCa-46 0.003
Coconut oil known as the world’s healthiest oil, its composition than the vegetable oil and then close to the human subcutaneous fat, is made of solid, extracted from the white coconut meat. Lubrication is an excellent moisturizer for sensitive eyes and throat skin. Maintenance of the hair and body are very ideal for it in the surface of the hair or skin form a protective layer to prevent cold weather, the sun, strong winds, the damage caused by the skin, hair. Can be another skin and hair soft and smooth.
Similar with jojoba oil, rich wax, and excellent corrosion resistance, its life cycle is almost unlimited length, because it does not rancid, and will not clog pores, which makes it deal with oily and problem ideal for oils of the skin. Massage Therapy homemade this massage. Its lightweight properties, making it the “summer oil, coconut oil even if the summer does not make the skin Tainian, even soiled towels, sheets, easy to clean than other oils, massage therapy school home-style in order to massage.


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