Soaps raw material-primrose oil

Overview: is achieved by crushing the seeds and vegetable oil, pale yellow color.
Beauty: excellent lubrication economy, an excellent natural moisturizer. Promote blood circulation, so that the aging of cells to restore vitality. Can maintain the skin’s natural light, soft, and has a regeneration function. Suitable for mature, aging, wrinkles, dry and scaly like skin, dandruff, wound healing. Is eczema, defects, infant repeatedly cloth rash of maintenance oil.
Health: can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, regulating hormones, have a great efficacy in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Through massage can improve the symptoms of hyperactive children; improve menstrual problems, premenstrual discomfort, menopausal disorders and arthritis.
Ingredients: vitamin E, and F, fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, protein, minerals.
Features: can lower cholesterol. The composition contains a large amount of linoleic acid is the main factor of its efficacy.
Suggested Use: directly on the skin, the treatment of skin allergies, can also be used to dilute essential oils.


soap mold

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