The nature of the Handmade Soap analysis-1

Conditions of good soap

What kind of soap is a good soap?

(1) to completely remove the dirt (clean power)

(2) excellent foaming ability (foaming power)

(3) an appropriate degree of hardness (hardness)

(4) is not easy to soften (not softening)

(5) won in the use of custody does not perishable (stability)

(6) will not be over-stimulating to the skin (appropriate muscle)

Basically, as long as they meet the above conditions are to be regarded as a good soap.

(1) – (6) because of personal skin appropriate and inappropriate circumstances.

Prior investigation of the nature of good soap to use, then, of course, would be better.

Dry skin and sensitive skin, it is best to choose clean power weaker, but less likely to stimulate the skin soap.

Oily skin, you need to choose to thoroughly clean the skin fat and dirt, soap.

That being said, Handmade books are mentioned is nothing more than soap with moisturizing olive oil for the spindle, If you add the coconut oil will increase the soap bubble, but it will make dry skin … and so on instructions, but still people do not know how to make soap recipe for your own skin.

Although you can choose from a number of public soap formula began to try to confirm, but to make a handmade soap usually takes a month or more, such a test does not take much time to find the right skin soap. Writing, the case made out of soap trial, I felt not suitable when processing the rest of the soap is also a problem.

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